Kissing through the decades

So the couple recently captured kissing in the midst of a riot when the Canadian Canucks lost in game seven of the Stanley Cups, turned out not be so true. But, isn’t it interesting to see the contrast between the old welcome home kissing soldier picture with what could have been its modern equivalent?



Bad day? let my two Lhaso Apso dogs cheer you up. Belle (blonde) and Tiger (stripped white and brown) enjoying their first snow day in Washington in late October.

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Moses Lake diverts 1.7 million pounds from landfill

By Amy Phan
Herald staff writer

MOSES LAKE — The City of Moses Lake has diverted nearly 1.7 million pounds of material from landfills since the city implemented its recycling program two months ago.

Residents recycled nearly 861,000 and 855,680 pounds of material in August and September, respectively, according to Moses Lake Finance Director Ronald Cone. Residents recycled about half a million pounds of yard waste separately during those two months.

“Residents are responding to the program,” said Cone.

The city will be able to rebate accounts participating in the program 37 cents in their next billing cycle, due to revenue generated from sales made to a recycling firm, said Cone.

There are currently 5,500 households in Moses Lake participating in the recycling program, he said.

“We bought 13,000 additional carts, costing the city nearly $600,000,” said Cone.

By the end of the year, Cone said he hopes to see residents recycle more material.

“I would like to see our numbers increase by 50 percent by the end of the year. By the end of 2011, I’d like to see the number increase to 60 to 70 percent,” he said.

The city implemented the recycling program on Aug. 1, changing the previous monthly garbage rate of $10 for a 96-gallon garbage cart into a three-tiered cart system.

“The council board decided to lower the rates 10 years ago. Prior to that, the monthly garbage rate was $13,” said Cone.

Residents who opted for a 48-gallon garbage cart would pay $13, a 64-gallon garbage cart would cost $18.50 and a 96-gallon garbage cart would run $25.

Residents received a recycle and yard waste cart along with the new monthly garbage rates.

Moses Lake Mayor Jon Lane said the recycling program is a vital part of preserving the county’s landfill.

“Recycling extends the life of our landfill,” said Lane in a recent city council meeting.

Grant County has used the same landfill, located in Ephrata, since 2005.

The landfill measures 80 acres in perimeter and can store up to 5.3 million cubic yards of waste, according to Grant County Solid Waste Supervisor Janice Goeden.

“We have used about a million cubic yards of the landfill. It has reached 20 percent capacity,” she said.

Once the landfill reaches capacity, Grant County will set aside a federally mandated reserve fund for re-mediation purposes, said Goeden. The fund will be paid on a fee basis by people who have used the landfill.

Officials project the landfill will reach capacity in 2023.

She said the recycling program Moses Lake has implemented is a good use of resources.

“We strive to divert as much waste as possible. Landfills are not the best use for anything. We really support the recycling in Moses Lake,” said Goeden.

Cone said investing in a recycling program makes economic sense as well.

“Right now, it costs $27.76 for one ton of garbage dumped at the landfill. Eventually, this landfill will fill up. The (state) Department of Ecology will have to monitor this inactive landfill for about 50 years for gas and contamination,” said Cone. “We will continue to have to pay for a landfill that we will no longer be able to use.”

Moses Lake residential waste contribution piqued in June, dumping about 779 tons of garbage in the landfill, according to a solid waste analysis conducted by the city.

Since the implementation of the recycling program, the city diverted about 350 tons, or about 700,000 pounds, of material from the landfill, according to the analysis.

Grant County Public Works recently closed a 28-year-old landfill in 2004.

The county is currently waiting on feedback from the Department of Ecology for monitoring purposes, said Goeden.

Carnival attracts more than 2,300 kids

Students and volunteers set up booths to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters Saturday night. Photo by Amy Phan/Columbia Basin Herald

By Amy Phan
Herald staff writer

MOSES LAKE — Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Snow White formed a line outside of Moses Lake High School Saturday night.

They were joined by plenty of fairies, wizards and ninjas.

More than 2.300 kids dressed in costumes waited eagerly to walk through the halls of the high school for its annual Halloween carnival.

“I was really surprised by the turnout. I think a lot of families wanted to come inside away from the cold,” said Jordyn Darling, a senior who organized the carnival as part of her culminating exhibition project.

The carnival asked guests to bring at least one can of food to be donated to either the Moses Lake Food Bank or UNICEF.

An early count revealed more than 500 cans of food and about $800 in cash donations were collected, according to organizers. Last year, the carnival generated about $600 in cash donations.

Once inside, guests were treated to games, trick-or-treating around classrooms with various themes, photo opportunities and a haunted house.

The decade-old carnival has become a staple Halloween event for some families.

“We’ve been coming here for a long time. Every Halloween, it’s almost like a tradition to bring our family here,” said Paul Taylor, of Soap Lake.

To get into the Halloween spirit, the Taylor family transformed themselves into a ninja, wizard, Spiderman, fairy, lady bug and Transformers character.

“There’s not much to do in Soap Lake. There aren’t any appropriately-themed events for kids. We make sure to bring our kids here so that they can be warm and enjoy the candies,” he said.

He said his family has attended the carnival for the past eight years.

Rosario Bacilio brought her 17-month-old daughter to walk through the haunted house and decorated classrooms.

“I really enjoy looking at what the high school students are going to be. They always get into the spirit and their costumes are always a treat,” she said.

For Moses Lake High School foreign exchange student junior Wiwi Tabert, the carnival was the first time she dressed up in a Halloween costume.

“We don’t celebrate Halloween in Germany. I like how everything is scary-themed. I love to hand out candy to the little kids,” said Tabert, who lives near Koln, Germany.

She was dressed as Alice from “Alice in Wonderland.”

Darling said it was important for the students be involved in the community.

“I wanted to organize this in a way that everyone who attends this carnival gets a sense that everyone wants the kids to have a safe and fun time,” she said.

Attendees spilled onto nearby streets to find additional parking after filling the high school parking lot quickly, according to Darling.

Darling said she started to organize the Halloween carnival last year.

“I worked really hard to get the event on the radio and newspaper and just spread the word about the event. This is an important way for me to give back to the community and contribute something positive to Moses Lake,” said Darling, who aspires to be a teacher in the future.

summertime in NYC

I love this picture from The Satorialist blog. Not because she has a particularly daring outfit, but because it reminds me of the NYC busy-ness I envy. With the sun rays lightly settling on the city and a cup of coffee in hand – if I was the subject in the picture, I’d feel like I can take on any challenge!

A creative (and CHEAP) solution

To all my small-wrist ladies out there:

I understand your pain. I’ve looked tirelessly wherever bangles are sold to look for ones that are just my size. Not too big that they fall off and of course, not too small that I can’t even get them on with no sucess. I think I’ve found a solution that works – maybe it will work for you as well.

Consider investing in cheap hoop earrings (some of which are VERY large) and wearing them as bangles! The bangle world has opened up for me an unbelievable amount of possibilities. Let me know if this works for you, too!

Mini size, Huge cute!

I wouldn’t know where to wear something like these cute mini hat hairclips from Forever 21 but I’ll sure try to find a way! Maybe a way to top off that cute Halloween costume this year?